Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Kel-Tec PF-9 Update

I thought I would give a quick update regarding the status of my PF-9. I've now been shooting it for about nine months, and while I don't consider it a "pleasant" gun to shoot, I've really grown to like it.

I've put about 400 rounds of ammo through it, and have had only a few jams, almost all of which where when feeding the last round from a brand new clip. Since then, that clip seems to have worn in and no longer gives me fits.

There was one other incident that I had with the gun, and that was a split casing from what I later realized was reloaded ammunition. I was just out shooting targets when I felt my face get peppered with hot powder, and the gun jammed. The shell was stuck 90% into the chamber and had to be pushed out with a stick.

At some point during all of this, the extractor (which is just held in by a spring) popped out and was lost. That was frustrating, although if I had realized the situation before I left the range, I may have been able to find it. As it turns out though, I couldn't find it and I was leaving for a trip in a few days in which I wanted to carry the gun.

So doing what any normal person would do, I ordered the $1.50 replacement part, and paid $38 to have it shipped over night. I was very careful to order it first thing on Monday morning, about 8:30 (central), as I knew that the factory was in eastern time. The website was fairly easy to order, and I left feeling confident that it would be in and replaced before my Thursday departure.

As you can image, I was upset Tuesday evening when no UPS man had shown up. Wednesday morning I gave Kel-Tec a call and asked for a good explanation. The lady that took my call (I'm sorry, I don't recall her name) was very calm and took the time to check into the order. She could not explain why the package left late, but assured me that it had left Tuesday (a day late), and produced a tracking number to prove it. I asked what she was going to do about my $38 shipping bill that didn't exactly work out. She took my number and told me that she'd do some research.

At that point, I pretty well wrote off the lost funds. The part showed up Wednesday night as promised, I was able to fix the gun, and took it to the range to verify proper operation.

I carried over most of my road trip, and felt confident, and comfortable with it. I picked up a ConcealmentT at the local gun show, and really like how it holds the Kel-Tec out of the way yet accessible. But that's another story...

After I returned from the road trip, I happened to be checking my account, and I noticed a credit for the $38 and some odd change (the cost of shipping). Yes, Kel-Tec had some failure to deliver as promised, but they stood behind their service and made it right to the customer. That's worth a lot in my book!

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